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TheMall, the World’s Largest Virtual Mall, and BambuMeta® a Web3 Loyalty Platform team up with Mars to Launch the STARBURST® JUICYVERSE at SXSW 2023

Austin, TX – March 13, 2023 – TheMall and STARBURST® have teamed up to announce the launch of their newest virtual world, STARBURST JUICYVERSE, in collaboration with MetaVRse and BambuMeta® Web3 Loyalty. The fully immersive virtual world is premiering at SXSW 2023 at TheMall, the world’s largest virtual mall.

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TheMall is the future of interactive social shopping

TheMall is the world’s largest virtual mall. At 100 floors, the virtual tower is 100 million square feet of retail and entertainment space, TheMall aims to be the #1 destination in the Metaverse.

TheMall is built using the MetaVRse Engine, a web-based, low-code 3D creation platform with enterprise-grade integration protocols to assure guest safety and security. We’ve partnered with Hedera to deliver virtual NFTs representing virtual floors and parcels of TheMall. It comes undeveloped, but can be developed by MetaVRse Studio or other 3D creative teams using the low-code MetaVRse Engine.

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